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Based on Market-Leading Products by Forgerock and Ping Identity

Fitting for Employees, Partners,
Customers and Things.

IAM and DevSecOps Features
A Unique Combination

With Service Layers, any Identity & Access Management feature can be implemented – from multi-factor authentication and role-based provisioning to self-services for employees and customers. In addition, our DevSecOps approach offers you a range of extra functions that are integrated into the platform as standard.

We are happy to discuss the IAM features that are best suited for your use case in a personal meeting.


Access Management

Identity Management

Employee and Customer Services


Services & Operations

Security Built-in

CI/CD Infrastructure

On-Premises Network Connection

  • Zero-Trust Foundation
  • Single Sign-On and MFA
  • Federation
  • Social Registration & Login
  • Mobile Authentication and Authorization
  • Adaptive Risk Management
  • Authorization
  • Access Enforcement for Standard and Non-standard Target Applications
  • Session Management
  • API Access Control (Authentication and Authorization of APIs, and SDK Capabilities for Mobile Applications)
  • BYOI Integration (The Ability to Use Public Identities, Such as Social Media, for Access)
  • Directory and Identity Synchronization (Including Identity Repository Services)
  • Role-based Provisioning
  • Synchronization and Reconciliation
  • Standard Connectors for 3rd Party Systems

Additional ForgeRock Features:

  • Workflow Engine
  • Identity Governance and Administration
  • Autonomous Identity
  • API Protection

Additional Ping Identity Features:

  • Data Governance for Enhanced User Data Privacy
  • Sophisticated API Protection Based on Machine Learning
  • Self-Service
  • Password Management
  • Profile Management & Progressive Profiling
  • Consent and Privacy Management
  • Private Instance in Your Cloud (Optional Service Layers Cloud Possible)
  • Operational Services: Metric Visualization/Monitoring/Logging/Backup
  • Configuration as Code – Fully Automated Staging and International Rollouts
  • Top Notch High Availability and Autoscaling
  • Full Support for Custom Code – We Integrate Your Plugins or Even Your Microservices
  • Vulnerability Monitoring
  • Hardening
  • Best Practices Built-in
  • Code Analysis
  • Tests
  • 4-Eyes-Principle from First Configuration Change to Production Deployment
  • You Can See and Test Every Change Before it‘s Rolled out to Production
  • Zero Downtime Deployments
  • Connect Your On-Prem Data Source Like AD
  • Prevent Traffic Going Through the Public Internet for Sensitive Use Cases
  • Connect to your IoT Edge Computing Systems Directly

available for


Service Layers provides your preferred IDaaS product as a managed service. This allows us customized products of leading manufacturers , so that all your wishes can be realized – from functionality to design.

Currently our Managed Service Platform is available for the product packages of ForgeRock and Ping Identity. Upon customer request, other products can also be integrated on our platform, because Service Layers is infinitely expandable!

Service Layers is the only full managed service for ForgeRock operations. We have worked closely with ForgeRock for many years and employ over 40 in-house experts specifically for ForgeRock technologies. This has resulted in numerous successfully implemented projects.

Awarded Partnership

As a ForgeRock Accredited Delivery Partner, we meet defined criteria required for successful implementation of the ForgeRock Identity Platform. It also demonstrates that we have recent project experience with ForgeRock, in-house certified and accredited consultants, and a high level of customer satisfaction.

iC Consult was awarded ‘International Partner of the Year‘ for 2020, ‘EMEA Partner of the Year’ for 2021 and ‘EMEA Delivery Excellence Partner of the Year‘ for 2022 by ForgeRock. These awards recognize our important contributions such as winning new ForgeRock customers and key strategic projects, strengthening ForgeRock’s position as a strategic provider, and jointly driving expansion into new regions.

For many years, we have been in regular exchange with the product management and product development of Ping Identity and now employ more than 100 internal Ping Identity specialists. The good cooperation has resulted in great customer projects, among them Porsche, Daimler and Siemens. For the Daimler project we were awarded the Ping Identity Excellence Award.

Awarded Partnership

Elite Partner is the highest level of the Ping Identity “Delivery Approved Program”. This promises our customers the highest standards in the implementation and delivery of IAM solutions based on Ping Identity.

As a Titanium Partner, we have expert knowledge of Ping products and master our customers’ specific identity requirements.

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