Only The Best –
But From Both Worlds

100% Automated IAM Solution

Locally in Your Own Data Center,
or Globally in Any Cloud

Existing solutions were unable to meet the identified requirements. Classic software packages from leading vendors offer the necessary flexibility, but they cannot be adapted quickly enough. And cloud-based Identity as a Service offerings can be set up rapidly, but have limited functions.

Service Layers combines the strengths of both approaches without adopting their weaknesses. We start with best-of-breed products from the market leaders ForgeRock, Ping Identity and One Identity. As experienced system integrator, we enhance these products by implementing all infrastructure requirements and configuration artifacts in the platform code.

Identity and Access Management – Simple Like IDaaS, Flexible Like On-Premise

Solving the Strategic Challenges and Requirements for a Successful IAM Solution

Why Do You Have To Go for IDaaS?


  • Easy and Fast to Setup, Use, Clone and Adapt
  • Scalable and Reliable in Order to Cover Raising Demands
  • Perfect Fit for Relevant Use Cases

International Roll-Outs

  • Accelerate Delivery of New Applications to New Markets
  • Fast Roll-out to New Markets


  • High Standardisation & Automation
  • Reduced Risk Compared to Own Build Solutions
  • Benefit from Added Functionality

Standard IDaaS
Features in the Cloud

Additional Benefits That Come With Service Layers

IoT and 100% DevOps

  • Built-in IoT Support
  • Designed for DevOps Working Models
  • Highly Automated but Supporting Local DevOps-Teams

No Lock-in

  • No Loss of Control
  • Controlled Infrastructure
  • In Control for Changes, Deployments and Interfaces
  • Compliance: Configuration & Infrastructure as Code

Additional IDaaS
Features with Service Layers

Everything as Code – A Scalable Platform Based on Market Leading Products


Best-of-Breed Product



Infrastructure as Code


Configuration as Code


100 % Automation

Service Layers is a scalable platform for Identity & Access Management. It is built on market-leading products and integrates infrastructure as well as operational processes.

The microservice- and container-based approach takes customer-specific conditions into account and caters to companies of all sizes – as a public, private, or hybrid cloud solution – in the US, Europe or China.

Highest Standards of Quality and Security

Certified for DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 27001, AICPA SOC II

Service Layers Leverages Your Business
by Adding Value Through Additional Features

Delegated Admin Portal

Delegate Administration for subgroups of users via this easy-to-use portal. Perfectly suited to enable support teams and levels or e.g., to delegate the administration of users in different markets.

Application Owner Portal

Self-services for application owners for accelerated application integration and configuration. Radically reduces integration efforts for integrating clients into your SSO realm(s).

Global Token Processing

Allow users to consume digital services globally and respect demanding cybersecurity and data protection laws all over the world.


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Large-Scale Enterprise

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