Five Success
Factors for Your
IAM Solution

To be successful in digital markets you need to be able to identify your employees, partners, and customers, be familiar with their requirements, and deliver individualized offers. All of this becomes possible with Identity and Access Management (IAM). But when choosing the right solution, five factors need to be considered.



Challenges and Solutions


You have to be fast if you want to occupy new markets with little effort. Here, digitalizing existing business processes offers valuable advantages. The speed of implementation is decisive for the success of any IAM environment – and ultimately determines your company’s success.

  • Kick-down start
  • Ready-to-use production environment
  • Fully automated and integrated DEV environment – build, test, and deploy updates in every phase with zero downtime


International Roll-Outs

Market-specific requirements, especially in China and Russia, demand different instances that can be implemented quickly and easily for the respective markets. Depending on the Internet connection, high latency may require installations in regional data centers.

  • Setup of separate instances, also in China and Russia
  • Support for market-specific requirements
  • Intelligent global routing of customer data

Mergers & Acquisitions

New business models often make it possible to acquire other market participants. Your IAM environment must be ready to integrate their data and processes without affecting your own. For subsequent restructuring or sales, it must be just as easy to outsource the respective part of the company as an independent instance.

  • Configuration and infrastructure directly in the code
  • Duplication and multiple use of existing instances

New Business Models

New business models must be developed and tested efficiently, and successful models call for rapid implementation. Any failures need to be handled without affecting the entire company – and without unnecessary costs due to long-term licenses.

  • Setup of separate instances
  • Kick-down start
  • Ready-to-use production environment
  • Proof-of-concept environments within minutes


Low implementation and operating costs are not only essential for your current core business. They also make it possible to test new business approaches, and boost agility when entering new markets.

  • High standardization and automation
  • Reduced risk compared to own-build solutions
  • Benefit from added functionalities
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Our Approach:

Only the best – but from both worlds


Existing solutions were unable to meet the identified requirements. Classic software packages from leading manufacturers offer the necessary flexibility, but they cannot be adapted quickly enough. And cloud-based Identity-as-a-Service offerings can be set up rapidly, but have limited functions.

Service Layers combines the strengths of both approaches without adopting their weaknesses. We start with best-of-breed products from the market leaders. As experienced system integrators, we enhance these products by implementing all infrastructure requirements and configuration artifacts in the platform code.

The result? A 100% automated IAM solution that lets you completely map your own requirements and quickly make them available as Identity as a Service. Either locally in your own data center, or globally with your preferred cloud provider – no matter whether it’s in Europe, China, Russia or the USA.

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About Us

Easy. Smart. Integrated.


Service Layers is a scalable platform for identity & access management. It is built on market-leading products and integrates infrastructure as well as operational processes. The microservice- and container-based approach takes customer-specific conditions into account and caters to companies of all sizes – as a public, private, or hybrid cloud solution – in China, the USA, Europe or Russia. We draw on over 20 years’ experience and are the largest vendor-independent system integrator for Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions in the DACH region.


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Identity and Access Management: The Big Picture

Service Layers is part of the iC Consult Group, which has independent branches in Switzerland, Austria, the UK, Spain, and the USA and China (from Q4/2019). iC Consult Group companies include xdi360 GmbH (business consulting, customer data management and data protection), iC Consult GmbH (IAM strategy, architecture, integration and implementation), IAM Worx GmbH (IAM managed services) and Service Layers GmbH (custom-fit IAM service).


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