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Service Layers Editions

Learn more about the individual IAM and DevOps features available with our Service Layers Editions – Fitting for Employees, Partners, Customers and Things.

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Access Management

  • Zero-Trust Foundation
  • Single Sign-On and MFA
  • Federation
  • Social Registration & Login
  • Mobile Authentication and Authorization
  • Adaptive Risk Management
  • Authorization
  • Access Enforcement for Standard and Non-standard Target Applications

  • Session Management
  • API Access Control (Authentication and Authorization of APIs, and SDK Capabilities for Mobile Applications)
  • BYOI Integration (The Ability to Use Public Identities, Such as Social Media, for Access)
  • Directory and Identity Synchronization (Including Identity Repository Services)

Employee and Customer Services

  • Self-Service
  • Password Management
  • Profile Management & Progressive Profiling
  • Consent and Privacy Management

Identity Management

  • Workflow Engine
  • Role-based Provisioning
  • Synchronization and Reconciliation
  • Standard Connectors for 3rd Party Systems
  • Identity Governance and Administration
  • Autonomous Identity
  • API Protection

Services and Operations

  • Private Instance in Your Cloud (Optional Service Layers Cloud Possible)
  • Operational Services: Metric Visualization/Monitoring/Logging/Backup
  • Configuration as Code – Fully Automated Staging and International Rollouts
  • Top Notch High Availability and Autoscaling
  • Full Support for Custom Code – We Integrate Your Plugins or Even Your Microservices

Security Built-in

  • Vulnerability Monitoring
  • Hardening
  • Best Practices Built-in
  • Code Analysis
  • Testing
  • 4-Eyes-Principle from First Configuration Change to Production Deployment

CI/CD Infrastructure incl. GitOpps Approach

  • You Can See and Test Every Change Before it‘s Rolled out to Production
  • Zero Downtime Deployments

On-Premises Network Connection Possible

  • Connect Your On-Prem Data Source Like AD
  • Prevent Traffic Going Through the Public Internet for Sensitive Use Cases
  • Connect to your IoT Edge Computing Systems Directly

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